Colca Canyon in 3 Days and 2 Nights

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Departure by public or shared transportation to Cabanaconde, from where we will stark trekking to the bottom of the canyon , 6 hour walks per day approx. Includes accommodation, guide and tickets.

The Colca Canyon is located at 160 km from Arequipa, easily accessible ,quite visited by tourism, It has lost much of its authenticity, There is an inca citadel built in recent years l, UYU UYU built by the archaeologist Pari, near Yanque passes by ancientinca there is also arches of triumph at the entrances of the villages as was done by the ancient romans to pass their emperors, a colonial balcony has been constructed in the facade of the municipality of Chivay; However you can enjoy multiple hotels and beautiful landscapes. The 400 km Cotahuasi Canyon is more authentic but without hotel infrastructure, it is an adventure trip.


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